Massanutten All-Seasons Resort

DSC_38313340Massanutten Resort is an all-in-one and all-seasons resort in Virginia located at 1822 Resort Dr, McGaheysville, VA 22840. It is exactly in between two large Shenandoah parks with a size of 6,000 acres on a navigable mountain and valley location. In Google Maps you will see it on the left side of Shenandoah National Park and on the right side of the tip of the Shenandoah River State Park (close to Elkton on the right side of the South Fork Shenandoah River). The resort has a golf course, water park, and ski resort. They also have various types of lodgings in the mountains and down the valley. Aside from that, they have venues for weddings, retreats, and conferences within the resort including a spa and a great variety of dining experience with Military discounts for our patriots. They also have a shop for souvenirs and a local grocery store in case you want to have more food choices during your stay. There are so many other fun activities for all ages in this resort. Massanutten Resort really is equipped with everything and every amenities you will ever need if you are traveling from a far away state. Massanutten Resort is really like a small city on its own and it’s beautiful.

DSC_38323340This is just one of the many places where you can eat. Look at the scenic background!

DSC_38343340We chose to eat at Virginia Barbecue & Pizza Co. The heat was intense outside.

20180526_143023I was mesmerized by this Pine tree beside the waterpark. It was like in an old Fairy Tale story from children’s books.

They have a membership option if you are a big fan of ski resorts and you can share your time with other people by giving it to anyone you know who would love to experience a great winter or summer resort. You may also sell them personally with a family member or some friends. I have seen many “time shares” ads on Craigslist and some offer their time for free while others give up their membership completely. For the latter, you have to continue paying for the annual membership on your own when you take over the membership. We were actually considering purchasing a membership for our family so when Sofia is born we can go to the resort during winter and have some family time together. However, we realized that we don’t really like going to the same place every time so we decided not to. We go on yearly vacations to different places and we rarely go back to the same location unless probably there is something new to look forward to. This place is a nice getaway nonetheless especially for families and ski lovers. During spring and summer, the waterpark down the valley is more packed than the mountain resort.

DSC_38483340It would have been so nice to sit outside with a little bit of cool air

DSC_38383340Packaged like any other pizza BUT…

DSC_3835…it tastes way better. My husband wanted a Margherita but didn’t want to disappoint me so he chose the “Ultimate” (16in pizza for $19). This is the link to their downloadable menu items.

DSC_3836I can truly say this is one of the best pizzas I’ve had. It’s not greasy, it’s crust is crisp outside & super soft inside. The kind of dough that you would love to have for a pizza plus with everything you would like on the top. Unlike other pizzas, it doesn’t leave an after-taste in your mouth. According to them, their pizzas are baked fresh daily and it really is fresh due to the texture of the dough. I would definitely eat it again but next time we are trying other food places in Massanutten so it might wait a bit.

DSC_38793340 _1Beautiful golf course. Only a few were playing golf due to the heat around 2PM in the afternoon. We took this photo and went straight to the Pizza place. The sun was scorching hot and the humidity is extreme. Luckily, there were two free cold drinks at the reception/check-in area. One was cucumber water and the other was lemon water. I wanted to stay there and just drink the entire thing.

DSC_38953340One of the types of accommodation on the Mountain Ski lodges. You can really bring your entire clan with you and have fun skiing or be plunging in the indoor waterpark during winter. Children will love it!

DSC_38983340Another type of ski lodges. This is more like a hotel community on a mountaintop which is more like condos. They have pools everywhere for all ages if you do not want to go down to the waterpark in the valley.

We drove by the resort’s hotels (above) because we wanted to see where the skiing happens during winter, too bad we didn’t take photos because of the sudden downpour of heavy rain. We also wanted to see the “Valley Fest” but we couldn’t proceed due to the rain. Everybody started heading out of the festival as well so the cars were going out of the venue and it was hard to get in. This is their website description of the event:

ValleyFest, held on Memorial Day weekend, is the kick-off to summer! More than 4,000 people celebrate the holiday weekend at the festival, dancing to live music, sampling food, shopping for unique and handmade crafts, and enjoying quality wines and microbrews of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and beyond. Many varieties of beer and wine will be represented, from merlots and pinots to meads and malbecs. It’s all of the beer and wine you could possibly enjoy in one place!

There was an upfront $35 entrance fee at the gate for adults while children get in for FREE! They have live bands for music lovers, beer and wine from local breweries and cideries, and a brunch buffet for the hungries. The VIP ticket for 2 includes everything I mentioned for only $150. If you are going on your own the ticket is $85 but both of these options…

“Includes lunch buffet, two drink tickets, souvenir mug & T-shirt, VIP entrance with private seating area & bathroom, plus general admission benefits.”

As for the General Admission Tickets:

Includes festival admission, unlimited samples & stadium cup.

$20 Early Bird (on sale Mar 17 – Apr 14)
$25 Advance (on sale Apr 15 – May 25)
$20 Military (Valid Military ID required. Military tickets must be purchased in person.)

$10 Designated Driver & Under 21
Kids 10 & under are FREE
$35 At the Gate

Disclaimer & Requirements are:

ValleyFest tickets are non-refundable. Rain or shine event. No outside food or beverages permitted. No pets or coolers. Please be prepared to present proper ID. Ticket purchase includes sampling and souvenir wine glass or beer mug (while supplies last). Ticket purchase does not include food or beverages.

All the proceeds of this event go to Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce. I hope they donate some to a grassroots charity as well. By the way, if you like arts and crafts, pastries or baked goods and some chai tea or other cool drinks they do have vendors in the festival. I just don’t know how you could eat more after the buffet but kids to love these small goodies, sweet treats, and cold drinks especially during a hot weather. I must also mention that they have an all season festivities going on such as Summer Jam Festival, Fall Festival, and Snow Moon Festival. Looking at the features of each of the events I can say that the SnowMoon Fest is the most exciting; second is the ValleyFest. Most of their events benefit a certain charity or program that helps people. With that, you become part of not only the fun but also the good intentions of these events. There are so many things to do in Massanutten for the entire family especially when your little ones are able to walk and enjoy by themselves with a little less supervision. As for mommas and dads, you can enjoy your time together at the spa or have a dinner date once again. Make memories while you are here and cherish them forever!

DSC_38643340The fluffiest and healthiest looking pine tree around. It’s so green I had to have a photo with it.

DSC_3867The Pine tree behind me is so lush and really like from a children’s storybook but at the same time is very Christmasy. The last time I’ve seen one was when I was still studying in England. There is a place called Clifton where the Clifton bridge is situated. When you cross that bridge you will see an extension of the University of Bristol. Just look around you and you will immediately notice the beautiful pine trees. There are pines that look like this one. It looks droopy but healthy and sometimes the longer you look at it the more it looks and feels spooky. I’ve only seen this type of pine tree in fairy tales where there is a spooky forest and the main character gets lost inside the woods after a villain-chase like Little Red Riding Hood or Belle from the Christmas Edition of Beauty and the Beast. Upon doing a little search I found out that this is tree species is called either Picea Breweriana or Larix Decidua (European Larch). Please let me know if you know what these conifer species are exactly in the comments section below. I also remember seeing a very spooky kind of pine tree which I never figured out the species of. It was spiny and the branches were contorted in a way that is very unusual for a pine tree. I tried to research about it but the closest I could get to was a Monkey Puzzle Tree. It’s a very spiny and scary looking tree that is indigenous in Central and Southern Chile. It is considered endangered by the IUCN in 2013 and is the most resilient or “hardiest” species of conifer in genus Araucaria.

DSC_38913340I picked a spot on the side of the spa center and dozed off a for a bit with my husband. The wind started blowing we thought it was going to rain but it didn’t until we were headed for the Valley Festival. There were mallards in pairs under a tree close to us on the left side. They looked happy and were also taking an afternoon nap. Milos was so happy to look at them. He woke me up to tell me that the ducks were approaching us.

DSC_3894So, I looked behind me and they were really approaching us but as soon as I tried to get up they changed their course toward the pond. Have you noticed that mallards are always in pairs? I think mallards are one of the most loyal birds aside from the fairy penguins. the structures behind them are private properties located within the resort. How lucky they are to have a resort in their backyard!

DSC_3887After we had the pizza we walked around and found a place to sit and lie down. The building on the right side is the Spa Center and it is right beside where I am sitting. It’s bigger than it seems to be.

DSC_38303340Just a few people playing golf

DSC_38933340Another batch of golfers came to play but they didn’t stay too long because of the heat

We left around 4:30PM to see the Valley Festival. Before we reached the place we stopped by an overlook and then a place called “The Summit” It is the peak of the resort and probably the best lodging area because you can see the entire valley from above. The accommodations were big and the surrounding area was peaceful. At first, you would think nobody is checked in until you see the lights inside each lodge and the people inside are relaxing. It would be nice to take our little one there one day or spend Christmas with our family in one of the big lodges during winter. I can already imagine when Sofia is able to travel next year. A new chapter of our lives is about to open and we are happy to be her parents. She will learn many things and travel many places with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my new entry. Our next adventure is a long train ride to the mountains. This coming trip is something we all look forward to because I’m about to give birth so my husband and I want to cherish every moment we have together. It will never be the same again after our baby is born. I bet it will be super fun but our moments together will somehow be diverted to Sofia especially during the first years of her life. The train ride will have a lunch buffet and some stopovers to experience the picturesque nature in the area. The location is a secret for now but it will be next weekend. My sister is going to be with us on this train adventure for the very first time and we are all excited. I’ve always wanted to experience the Harry Potter kind of feel but I was too busy to do it in England. Now, it will happen with a baby kicking inside me! I wish you all the best weekends. Much love!



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