156th Simple and Berry Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast 156th for both of us. I thought I’d make a simple breakfast while I figure out what’s next. This is made of strawberries, red currant, blackberries, raspberries, avocado, banana, honey, and organic raisin bran flakes in milk. Hopefully will be making my own almond milk again soon.

Today, just listening to beautiful 70’s music that time when music was still meaningful. Yup, I woke up at 6:00 AM with my husband holding my hand. So sweet! Made us both a cup of tea and this breakfast. Skipped my OB appointment and accidentally deleted another appointment. Now I have to reschedule. Currently, transferring some 57GB of photos from both Christmases and the first New Year plus Thanksgiving Day. I counted at least 80 photos of my husband and 5 of mine. Will start decorating and writing on the blog again. I don’t know how to send this palette to the winner from the last giveaway because he is so far away @perrvezbharucha
Days look brighter when you choose it to be. Like when you are having a bad day and you just want to get upset and you did but then you don’t prolong the anger because you realize life is too short to spend on negative emotions. I opened the window, saw the sunrise, breathe in the smell of black tea still warm in the palm of my hands. Then I set it aside next to the bed after a few sips and hugged my giant baby. He was already awake but when I hugged him he began snoring again until the alarm went off and he had to get ready for work. What to make for lunch and dinner now? Suggestions? I only have tuna and salmon left and a lot of broccoli and other greens. Not much but weekend is coming and I’m excited to make some treats. Trial and error for my next project first.

DSC_1102Step 1

DSC_1103Step 2

DSC_1104Step 3




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Hello! My name is Altha. I love to cook and experiment with naturally sourced ingredients. I believe in the power of naturally grown food to heal the mind and body. I believe God made everything perfect. Let's connect!

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