149th Humans: Bad Ape Smoothie


Good morning peeps! I watched War For The Planet of the Apes. It is a remarkable movie. I understand the impossibility of this to happen but we have to understand that this is not the point of the movie. The apes are the mirror image of humanity but less complex. Apes are intelligent creatures with a complex social structure that you will find in humans. If you don’t believe me ask Jane Goodall. We always forget that even though a lot of creatures are incapable of speech everything has consciousness. Jane Goodall opened our eyes to a new world we never thought existed. When Apes have conflict they also fight each other except that they don’t destroy each other after some misunderstandings. Although they are not aware of free will and are incapable of speaking human language they work out their differences.
Apes don’t have time for immorality because they always think about their survival and basic needs. Humans unnecessarily take things to the next level. Always in conflict with ourselves fighting that internal chaos as if we are always tormented by some energy within us.We have created so much evil in this world and very little good.If you think about it without spoken language people would learn to cooperate and learn to be more patient. With language, we create more misunderstandings and a lot less understanding instead of using it as a bridge for peace. We take ourselves too seriously just because an ancient scripture places us above all life on earth. Everything we do becomes perverted i.e. genetics to cloning, instead of genetics to resolving what causes autism. You know, people like Elon Musk amaze me, he is one of those who clearly sees that our future is a dead end unless we change our behavior. We should start asking this vital question for everything that we do: “What could be the consequences of my actions?” We humans usually think after we act. Humans. BAD APES.🐵

About this bowl, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite yogurt called Brown Cow. I used this brand today with all my other favorite organic food producing companies like Bob’s Red Mill (oats), Nature’s Path (love crunch), and Nuts.com (colors). The Brown Cow yogurt is also organic. If you haven’t tried this yogurt, you have to try it, my friends. This is not a paid advertisement of this company by the way. I am doing this because I love the yogurt so much so I thought I should share it with all of you. I used to love Trader Joe’s organic yogurt but I think I have found my best friend. Brown Cow’s Whole Milk Plain yogurt has a very creamy layer of delicious milk on top before you can dig down the yogurt underneath. As for the yogurt, you will find the smoothest yogurt of all. It has a fine texture and it tastes really good. I eat it without anything at night but in the morning I mix it with berries for my husband’s smoothie. I got this brand from Whole Foods and I will never eat any other yogurt again until I encounter a better one.


I also used Nature’s Path Organic’s new  Love Crunch Premium Organic Granola in Double Chocolate Chunk made with organic white and dark chocolate. Nature’s Path gave me two coupons to redeem whichever flavor I wanted from their #lovecrunch products after they saw my smoothie art in Instagram. It feels great to be appreciated. They taste so good! I thought I would use it on top of my Bad Ape smoothie today as a sign of my gratitude. Nature’s Path Organic and Bob’s Red Mill are the only company I trust for my oats and cereals breakfast.

So this recipe I made today is not new but it tastes even better because of the yogurt I used. I added macadamia nuts which are a good source of an equal amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This is very important because excessive amounts of these fatty acids are toxic to the body. Macadamia is one of the rare foods that contain Omega 7 or Palmitoleic Acid. This type of omega fatty acid prevents the body from storing fats and is the key building blocks that help maintain the linings of our internal organs. It also helps make our skin, hair, and nails healthy. Omega 7 should be eaten from raw foods instead of using artificial pharma made supplements. If you are on a health journey eat macadamia whenever you can because it helps lower your cholesterol levels and prevents insulin imbalance. This is especially good for people with diabetes. Macadamia nuts is way better than almonds which contain anti-nutrients! Did you know that? I will talk about almonds tomorrow. Have a great day my friends!

Before I poured the banana-raspberry smoothie on top of this delicious breakfast!

Getting ready for the artwork on my workstation…


7-inch diameter bowl
1 tablespoon
1 stick
2 mason jars (for leftover smoothie)

Smoothie Ingredients
16oz Nonfat yogurt/whole milk (Brown Cow)
1 ripe banana
10 raspberries
1/4 cup honey

Toppings Surprise 
1/2 cup oatmeal (Bob’s Red Mill)
1/2 avocado, chunks
1/2 banana
1 tbsp hemp hearts
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds
10 macadamia nuts
1 tsp nigella sativa
2 tbsp pine nuts
1 tbsp flaxseed meal
1 tbsp mixed ancient grains (white chia, barley, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, etc)

1. Put 1 cup of cereals/oats in the bowl and level to make the surface even. Blend the fruits, berries, and yogurt in a blender until fully combined. Add the honey while the blender is running. This will prevent the honey from getting stuck on the bottom of the blender. Pour the smoothie in a circular motion on top of the cereals/oats/toppings. This will prevent the cereals/oats from floating to the surface of the smoothie.

2. Pour the smoothie in a circular motion on top of the oats. This will prevent the oats from floating to the surface of the smoothie.

Art Ingredients
1 tsp activated charcoal powder
1 tsp maca powder (Nuts.com)
1 tbsp melted chocolate (60-72% cacao)
1 tsp beetroot powder (Nuts.com)
1/4 tsp moringa powder (Nuts.com)
1 tsp turmeric powder
5 tbsp plain organic yogurt, for colors


  1. Mix activated charcoal with plain yogurt until you achieve a deep black color.
  2. Mix moringa powder with yogurt until you achieve a deep green color. For light color put less moringa and more yogurt.
  3. For skin color blend maca powder with yogurt until you achieve a pale skin color. For the white color just use plain old trusty yogurt.
  4. For the blue shadows mix 1/8 tsp or less of blue butterfly pea powder with one tablespoon of yogurt. Mix until you achieve a dark blue color.
  5. Fill a ramekin with clean water for cleaning the tip of the stick each time you change one color to another.
  6. Use a stick to draw the image. Refrigerate the leftover smoothie and organic colors for tomorrow. Decorate any way you please. Serve and Enjoy!



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Hello! My name is Altha. I love to cook and experiment with naturally sourced ingredients. I believe in the power of naturally grown food to heal the mind and body. I believe God made everything perfect. Let's connect!

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