116th Yummy Bowl


Hello! Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you wherever you are right now in the world.🌍 This is my 116th breakfast smoothie for him. I call this the Yummy bowl. Because I added two scoops of salted caramel ice cream from #opennature below the kiwi circles. It’s summer so I personally think it’s okay to indulge a bit.
Yesterday I was viewing other accounts outside of this circle we have in IG and I’ve seen the most amazing creations yet. Some vegans really make the most beautiful creations. I am in awe with their commitment to staying healthy and making our consumption more sustainable.❤ I am curious if you guys have thought about shifting to a Vegan diet? Please let me know. Because based on my experience it is not for everyone.😳 My husband, for example, has tried for 2mos. I insisted it on him and back in February, his nose was bleeding profusely and on that part where you excrete stuff 😂 Since I know his diet completely and what a particular ingredient does to him because I keep a diary for that, I looked back and realized that I left out meat proteins because of our new diet. This was back when I did not really post quite often although I post at least once a day. So I gave him beef meat and the bleeding immediately stopped that day. Also, I never again discontinued giving him meat because of this event. I used to replace the meat with fish and seafood but his body did not accept it well. I truly think because in the Balkans people have been consuming dairy and meat for millennia. They have adapted to it completely. My friend who was born vegan also developed anemia and it went to a point where she had to go to a doctor because she was completely weakening and always sick. The doctor suggested that she at least consume eggs or she will die. She did eat but only the white part. Now she is completely healthy and even lost a ton of weight. I just think that everyone has a different genetic predisposition and so is our strengths and vulnerabilities. Most importantly, people cannot evolve over night to a new form of diet. Balance is the key…😘

7-inch diameter bowl

Smoothie Ingredients
1 ripe mango
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup raw almonds
16 oz organic yogurt
2 tbsp honey
Khorasan Kamut Wheat (any breakfast cereal)

Put 1 cup of cereals in the bowl and level to make the surface even. Blend mango, banana, almonds, and yogurt in a blender until fully combined. Add the honey while the blender is running. This will prevent the honey from getting stuck on the bottom of the blender. Pour the banana-mango-almond smoothie in a circular motion on top of the cereals. This will prevent the cereals from floating to the surface of the smoothie.

mango hearts
avocado flowers
raw almonds
raw pignolias
raw hemp hearts
green/white grapes
kiwi circles
mixed grains (white chia, barley, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, etc)
frozen raspberries
2 scoops of salted caramel ice cream

Slice mangoes into three thin layers then use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create mango hearts. Slice the avocado into three thin layers, the third slice would have a big hole where the seed once was. Use only the first 2 thin layers create avocado flowers using a cookie cutter. One inch cookie cutter is the best size for a 7-inch diameter bowl. Slice grapes to halves. Add 2 scoops of salted caramel ice cream. Finally, decorate the other toppings any way you like.


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Hello! My name is Altha. I love to cook and experiment with naturally sourced ingredients. I believe in the power of naturally grown food to heal the mind and body. I believe God made everything perfect. Let's connect!

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